Facebook Will Soon Let You Turn Off All Live Video Notifications

Facebook Will Soon Let You Turn Off All Live Video Notifications

Facebook last year rolled out its Live Video feature to celebrities, followed by a rollout to verified profiles and pages on iPhone and Android. While all this is increasing the user engagement on Live Videos, many of them are finding it annoying whenever someone goes live and an unwanted notification is sent to them. This becomes more troublesome when users are following several media companies or brands. To resolve this issue, Facebook has revealed that it is already working on a fix.

The social media giant confirmed to Digiday that it would soon introduce a new notification settings option to turn off all Live Video notifications at once. Until now, users would have to open individual video posts and click on “Live Subscribe” option to subscribe or unsubscribe from alerts from that publisher in future. However, the forthcoming feature would let users unsubscribe from multiple video posts at once.

“However, we know people want more control over the live notifications they receive, so we’re working on improving this experience. We are starting to roll out a new setting that lets people turn off all live notifications, through their Notifications settings, that will be available to all people soon,” confirmed Facebook.

The company earlier this month started tweaking millions of users’ News Feed to give the Live Video feature more importance. The update will show users Live Videos towards the top of their feeds. The social network will now prioritise Live Video broadcasts as they are happening, compared to broadcasts that have already ended. It added that the feature for now is limited to verified Pages and public figures using Mentions.

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