Coffee and mushrooms – a unique range of blends from Organo Gold

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Gourmet coffees are increasingly popular as consumers become more refined in their taste requirements and express greater concern about the ethical sourcing of their food and drink.

Organo Gold is a company established in 2008, which distributes gourmet coffee in several distinct products. Their coffee is supplemented by a Chinese herb derived from the Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum known as Reishi. This wonder herb, known as the “king of herbs” is known for its helping the body fight stress.

Coffee contains Chlorogenic acid, one of the anti-oxidants found in peaches, blueberries, and other foods. Anti-oxidants prevent premature aging due to light, heat, and pollution. Coffee also contains caffeic acid and cafestol which support the body process glucose.

Organo Gold’s products include a traditional Black coffee, which is robust coffee supplemented with organic Ganoderma lucidum and can be diluted as to your taste.

Black coffee not only wakes up the mind, but it can also wake up the skin if mixed into your face mask in the morning, but you will also be pleasantly surprised at your fresher and smoother feeling skin. Similarly, it can be added to eye creams, to reduce undereye puffiness, as it restricts the blood flow temporarily decreasing swelling, and calming any redness.

Organo Gold also sells an organic product called King of Coffee with includes spore powder, from the Ganoderma plant, which gives it a distinct taste.

Coffee not only refreshes the face, but it can also be used as an ingredient in homemade body scrubs, leaving the body smooth, and decreasing the appearance of cellulite as it dehydrates water from cells, being partly a diuretic. Although coffee is a stimulant, it can reduce reddish skin blotches.

Their creamy Café Latte is made from a blend of two top quality coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans, which have a strong flavor and are often used in Italian expresso and Arabica coffee beans which are grown at high altitudes and have a unique floral scent once roasted. These coffees are supplemented with cream and sugar. This blend has less fat and fewer calories than more common latte mixes and can be made quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home.

Café Supreme is a mild, and creamy coffee with added Panax ginseng from China, which is a Chinese herb widely known for promoting longevity. Ginseng is also known for it’s healing properties for head trauma and stroke victims. It also contains Maca powder. Maca is a spicy Peruvian root, cultivated since the time of the Incas, and known for its healing properties for the mind and body. Both products add a distinct flavor to this coffee.

Café Mocha is coffee with a touch of chocolate and the slightly nutty flavored red reishi mushroom Ganadera. This is combined with non-dairy creamer. When the temperature rises, this drink can also be served cold, mixed with ice or ice cream, to make a refreshing and satisfying cold drink.

At last here is a way to enjoy high quality coffee and organic herbal supplements, all conveniently available in sachets.