Choosing the Right Coffin for a Funeral

Death, though heartbreaking, is an ordeal that everyone must go through – be it you or your loved ones. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, you know that though they may have departed, it is up to you to carry out their final affairs, including planning an appropriate funeral. Depending on the type of traditions and rituals available, people tend to grieve for their dead in different ways. One way in which the body is disposed of is by sealing the body in a coffin, and burying the coffin. Other traditions may cremate the body, or bury the body in a shroud rather than a coffin. However, if you choose to bury your loved one in a coffin, then you know the importance of choosing the perfect coffin.
A coffin can be defined as a tapered octagonal or hexagonal box that is then buried. A casket, on the other hand, is rectangular in shape, and has a slit in the lid. The lid can then be opened, so that the friends and family of the deceased will be able to see their face for one last time. A coffin can be buried in the ground, and can also be placed in a vault, or can be cremated.

Coffins are generally made of two materials – wood, or metal. If a coffin is made of wood, the kind of wood used can vary greatly. For example, there are coffins made of pecan, pine, maple, mahogany, ash, walnut, and oak. These coffins can come in various finishes as well, imparting different looks to each coffin. In this manner, though two coffins may be made of the same material, they can have different finishing touches, and can have different looks and feels about them.
Coffins that are made of metal, on the other hand, are generally made of four different types of metal – steel, stainless steel, copper, or bronze. Metal coffins tend to come with a protective finish, to prevent moisture damage or rust to the coffin. If the coffin is made of metal, then the coffin will often have a memorial tube, making it easy and convenient to identify the body, if the body needs to be transferred or taken away.
As always, the price of the coffin depends on the material used, and on the kind of finishing on the body of the coffin. Therefore, while choosing a coffin, it is important to keep a budget in mind while choosing the best carrier for the body of your loved one.

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