3 Reasons Your Business Needs This Software

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When you have a secure endpoint perimeter, your business just feels invincible online. It has become increasingly important to monitor the devices connecting to your business network, especially if you have employees and customers who access it regularly. If your business has a bring your own device policy or work-from-home policy, then you could have several security risks enabling cyber criminals to attack your system.

The need for effective endpoint security software has become paramount for every business in 2019. As the rise of mobile threats and data breaches with ransomware continue, you could be putting your entire business every day until you do.

Data Breaches are on the Rise

Recent research has found that one in three victims of a data breach suffers an identity theft crime. Many people have received emails about data breaches, but what does it mean for your business?

There have already been over 50 data breaches by April 2019 alone, including a major breach of passwords from Facebook and the game Fortnite.

Small businesses are particularly susceptible to data breaches because they don’t have the infrastructure of corporations, which are not always safe from cyber criminals and ransomware as well. The major problem is that small businesses can collect just as much customer information as a major corporation. If you are properly protecting your business data, then you could be on the hook in a lawsuit that could devastate your business.

Ransomware Costs Business More than $75 Billion a Year

Ransomware is a type of malware virus that can take down your business in an instant. Typically, these criminals infiltrate your business’ website and databases, holding them for ransom unless you pay their demands. If you don’t, they’ll download all of the data, wipe your systems, and expose your data breach to the world. It’s a scary thought.

One of the ways that businesses are infected with ransomware is by clicking a link from a website or email that secretly downloads these viruses. If you have employees accessing your network from home or on their personal devices, it’s easy for a criminal to use their device as a backdoor into your system.

These attacks are on the rise, so it’s important to start battling down the hatches and implementing strict access points to prevent employees or customers from accidentally infecting your network.

Most Small Businesses Don’t Have a Backup

What would happen if someone attacked your website today with a DDoS? These denial of service attacks can bring down your entire website and database in seconds. Your business will essentially be offline, and it can be permanently damaged if you don’t have a plan in place to bring it back online.

Backup software is a way for businesses to prepare for the worst so that an attack doesn’t suspend entire operations for more than a day. In some cases, if you have a fast IT team, your business may only a few hours of downtime.

Endpoint security software can truly help with some of these issues. You can add insider threat protection, data loss prevention, network access control, data classification, DDoS detection, response management, and email encryption to your cyber security just by adding this software. It’s an important step to protecting your business from cyber criminals.