2017 Best Hosting Cloud Axis Managed Hosting

Today, the era that we all are witnessing is the internet age. We cannot even imagine our lives without the web connectivity. The Internet integrates the individuals across the world and in the same ambit of the internet; the internet hosting service allows the individuals and organizations to share the data and information on the online platform. The most common service provided is the web hosting. The website hosting is the service that allows the concerned, i.e., the individuals and the organizations to have access to their websites on the internet server through the World Wide Web. It allows the clients to share the cyberspace. A typical web host provides all those services that induce your visibility over the internet. Web sites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view their website, all they need to do is type their website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to the server, and their web pages will be delivered to them through the browser. Most hosting companies require that the clients own their domain to host with them. If they do not have a domain, the hosting companies will help them purchase one or allow them to have it on the lease. Where the market is flooding with the internet hosting service providers, Cloud axis is one of the bestselling web hosting solutions that is available to the customers to host their websites online. Cloud axis has successfully been able to grab the trust of the masses and has won the title of the 2017 best hosting cloud axis managed to host.

Cloud Axis Hosting

Highlights of the Cloud Axis Hosting:

Cloud Axis Features

Cloud axis officially intercepted its website in 2016.

· It is India based managed to host service provider that serves the large clientele base in India. It is originally a Kolkata-based company.

· Though the Cloud Axis Managed Hosting service is a recently founded one still the service providers of the same have managed very well to bag in the large customers by selling the hosting service to the scores of the prospective buyers and earn good revenues through large sales.

· The company is always in buzz for believing in relationship marketing, i.e., the best free web hosting service providers are known to build long-term relationships with their clients and serve them whenever they ask for it.

· The Cloud Axis Hosting is known to provide the best quality web hosting services to the customers.

· It comes in a very cost effective budget that is very economical to be grabbed in by the customers.

· The cloud Axis service providers value their clients and provide the best and the quickest customer support services to help them.

· The presale queries are also assisted in helping the prospective buyers through the online chats.

· The Cloud Axis hosting services are available 24×7 to help their customers.

· It provides the web restoration and the free web optimization plan open on every first scheme.

· The Cloud Axis services can handle real-time traffic.

Cloud Axis Support:

Managed Hosting Cloud Axis

Cloud Axis provides support to its clients through numerous ways, which are as follows:

· Email support: The cloudaxis hosting service provides the quick and the transparent assistance to the queries via [email protected] on email support.

· Pre-sales support: The prospective aspirants of Cloud Axis services can explain all their confusions or questions beforehand. The same are answered on the online chat forums to satisfy their clients. It provides the transparency and the building up of the trust between both the parties that is the prospective buyer of the hosting service and the service provider.

· Technical support: In the case of any technical issues faced by the clients, the Cloud Axis Managed Hosting Service providers make sure that all the problems are fixed up by their experts’ team on the immediate basis. Also, the customers are then informed about the problem that caused them the trouble to win their satisfaction.

· Billing support: Issues regarding the billing can be catered to, within no time span, where all the customers need to do to raise their concern through the support tickets.

· General support: The customers can contact the Cloud Axis services at any time in case of any public support required. The clients are assisted with the same as soon as the service providers get to know about the issues.

Cloud Axis managed hosting service providers have successfully been able to carve their place in the market in a very short span of time. The hosting service providers are known for their quick assistance and the transparent working, by providing the top notch quality services. The service providers have witnessed an inspiring story that has led them to the path of their success. Even if you hire our experts on per dollar basis, we shall help you to address the issues you have. We are flexible and better than other hosting services present in the town.

Cloud Axis Story:

The story began from June 2013, when Cloud Axis, started by providing hosting services to their acquaintances at the very reasonable rates. With this, the server was managed very well by sharing the prices and by January 2014, the server expanded to 151 domains, with same hosting resources shared among all the accounts. The expansion only grew manifolds from there. In December 2015, all the friends then decided, to begin a new hosting platform. After having the rigorous discussions, a robust network was then developed to provide a better experience to their clients. Within three months, the final date was fixed to officially launch the website for providing Cloud Axis managed hosting services. A Linux hacker was then hired to repair all its loopholes and make it a reliable hosting service. The building of the infrastructure of the server and their routing was then started in August 2016. Soon after the installation of the various management devices, the services were launched successfully.

Cloud Axis managed to host and underwent many lapses, but their clean and reliable customer assistance helped them to bag in the trust of their clients and thus winning the title of the best-managed hosting service providers.