This microwave oven can measure the calories

General Electric researchers have developed a device i.e. microwave oven that can calculate the calories of the food, using microwave sensors. Today companies are selling several wearable devices capable of measuring the consumption of calories during exercise, using an app for smartphones. The researchers of General Electric, however,

BMW and Mercedes working together on wireless charging cars

BMW and Mercedes join forces to develop system for wireless charging cars which based on electromagnetic induction. All current electric and hybrid cars need to be charged by connecting a cable to the power outlet. BMWs and Mercedes instead want to simplify the operation, using a system of wireless charging that

Some basic tips to be smart a Web Designer

Every professional web designer must follow some basic rules for the success of the project. Web designer plays and important role in representation of company. A website is not a blog not a pastime for nerds bored not a surplus.  A website is first and foremost a fundamental tool

How to speed up uTorrent free

uTorrent is downloading at slow speed?? Then follow the guidelines and boot your downloading speed for free. Do you have an ADSL connection with 20 mbps, but the bandwidth is so low that you cannot even open the home page of my blog. Who steals the entire band

Five tips for Photographer that no one has ever given

Photographer can earn and as well as learn more with some basic and strange tips. Here is an ethical guide for my photographer friends. Over the last few years I have seen this industry from many perspectives as a photographer of celebrities as a writer, photographer and

How to use automatic mode of the camera

Here is a guide for photographers to use various automatic mode of DSLR camera that will help to improve photography skills. Every digital camera has a circular dial on the top  that can be rotated to switch between different shooting modes.  DSLR cameras can be divided into two

HTC One M8 | beautiful and impossible

HTC One M8 is a top of the range smartphone with a unique design with 1080p screen 5-inch, 2.3 GHz Snapdragon processor 801 and the front stereo speakers. The first model of the HTC One also known as M7 was one of the most important and popular smartphone of

Samsung Galaxy S5 it is sure the fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 with fingerprint sensor to increase the user security level. Just after the official presentation of the iPhone 5s from Tim Cook, last September. Many fans and insiders had wondered how safe it was the sensor of the fingerprint introduced for the first time on a smartphone and that

Samsung Announces New Galaxy TAB4

Samsung presents its new line of Galaxy tab TAB4, will be available by June in 3 different models of 7, 8 and 10.1 inches. Samsung has just officially unveiled the new Galaxy tablet range TAB4. Again, the leaks were correct: the new line consists of three models with nearly identical specifications, which

Twitter an incoming rain of photos and tags

Twitter adds two new features of photos and tags to the social network. With these features users will be able to add up to 4 photos for each tweet and up to 10 tags to each photo uploaded. Twitter has announced two latest features of photos and