Win Prize Money $100,000 By Finding Bug In Windows 8.1

Win Prize Money of $100,000  by Microsoft for finding bug in windows 8.1.  Microsoft believes a lot in the release of the new Windows 8.1 (formerly Azure), and works to bring the new OS to levels of quality and a standard never seen before on a weblog Microsoft operating system. Among the many new substantial update, safety side where Windows has “failed” in recent years. Before the arrival of Windows 8 the brand new version of the OS Microsoft weblog includes new tools to make life very difficult for hackers, crackers and computer crooks, providing a robust OS Charter in several respects. Microsoft is so sure of the quality of the product to offer even a cash prize to anyone who searches out and plays a security bug in Windows 8.1 or create working exploits to bypass Secure Boot and the countermeasures of the kernel.

Win Prize Money $10o,oo0  for each bug found and “confirmed”, with a bonus of $ 50 thousand if you provide the solution to this bug.

win prize money

Just a little bit of skill to take home a prize total of 150 thousand dollars well, which these days are always comfortable, in addition seems to be no limit on cumulative premiums (bug discovered 2 = 200 thousand dollars, which are 300 thousand if we provide the solution to the problems).

All hunting for bugs, Microsoft offers this tour!

Windows 8.1 is really so sure? To Win prize money is it a valid judgement?

Comes without saying that no OS is really 100% sure, sooner or later it will fall under the blows of hackers, it is only a matter of time. Microsoft wants to play right on the time factor. Running Windows 8.1 we have perhaps reached the pinnacle of safety? It will be impossible to cracker  without hours of skilled hands to work only on this purpose? One thing  seems finally with all this, now experts have bread for their teeth! Now experts have a great chance to win prize money of $100,000 or more  ;-)

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