WhatsApp virus pretends voice message : Android

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application among the most popular Apps in the world and a group of hackers decided to exploit it through WhatsApp virus for their sinister plans

Nowadays a huge number of people around the world use messaging clients because of the functions they offer or because of the convenience to be drawn. Obviously the more widespread a service it is possible that more should be under the eyes of individuals from the soul not really good .

WhatsApp virus

I already know that a good 80% of the readers of this article blame to Android because of its open source nature. This certainly affects but a small part. Often viruses are created exclusively for profit and so yes there is need to find a flaw but only if it’s worth it. Here affect the spread of a system. It is no coincidence that in spite of Windows is not open source has a greater number of viruses than Mac OS X or UNIX systems? No, just its spread has been or is greater and therefore draws more profit. That said let us return to the main theme.

whatsApp virus

One among the most common messaging applications, if not the most widespread is undoubtedly WhatsApp which is used by anyone. Of the “good people” so they decided to take advantage of a WhatsApp virus  named TR/Kuluoz.A.27 and that it is already been identified by the technicians of Avira

Upon receipt of the alleged voice message will open a page in the browser the same as above .It has been designed following the graphical style of WhatsApp and pushes the user more naive or less attentive to press Play button that installs additional malware. The second serve malware to download a file named “Browser 6.5″ who will send SMS to premium-rate numbers .

Be careful though Android is perhaps the system that is below the viewfinder of these cute hackers but also iOS seems to be vulnerable .We warmly invite you to maintain a certain attention while you are about to install applications that may be harmful for your privacy.

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