India has to wait for low-cost Windows 10 phones: Microsoft

 For those in India waiting for low-cost Lumia smartphones that come packed with New-Age Windows 10, there is still some time as the company is now focussed on re-branding and launching new generation smartphones to take on big players, a top Microsoft executive has said. “We are sort of re-building so we will start high. New generation smartphones first and ... Read More »

Next-gen Mercedes E-Class interiors revealed

The seats on the new E-Class have also been designed keeping in mind long journeys. Designers say the front seat shape takes its inspiration from dress forms, yielding an ergonomic and stylish execution that is quite comfortable to sit in. While the 2017 E-Class’s interior appointments and technology might sound very confusing and nearly bewildering at first, given the customization ... Read More »

Zomato introduces a chat feature for online food ordering

Zomato has introduced an in-app chat feature for customers who are ordering food online, enabling them to chat with the team at the company about order-related issues.  Zomato’s in-app chat feature is currently available for users in India and UAE. The chat feature has been integrated through a partnership with Konotor, a mobile-first user engagement platform.  Users can currently message ... Read More »

Scientists discover fossils of ancient microscopic worms

Scientists have discovered fossils of 530 million-year-old microscopic worms, filling a huge gap in the known fossil record of kinorhynchs — small invertebrate animals that are related to arthropods. A team of researchers discovered fossils of kinorhynch worms — commonly known as mud dragons — in China’s Nanjiang province, a Virginia Tech statement said. “Kinos represent an animal group that ... Read More »

Volcanoes sparked ‘Jurassic ice age’

Around 170 million years ago, our world faced an ice-age and now, the scientists are trying to explore the causes behind it. The international team of experts, including researchers from the Camborne School of Mines, has found evidence of a large and abrupt cooling of the Earth’s temperature during the Jurassic Period, which lasted millions of years. The scientists found ... Read More »

The woman behind NASA’s nine-year mission to Pluto

Alice Bowman will share her leadership insights as the international keynote speaker at The Australian Financial Review Business Summit presented by BHP Billiton in Melbourne from March 15 to 16. NASA NASA engineer Alice Bowman was on the cusp of her greatest career triumph this year, helping to lead the space agency’s first mission to Pluto 4.8 billion kilometres away. ... Read More »

NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory captures image of Jellyfish-shaped Nebula (IC 443)

Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have come across a colorful nebula named officially as IC 443. It is the remnants of a supernova explosion. The nebula is located in the constellation Gemini at a distance of 5,000 light years from Earth. As per a release by NASA, the latest observations of the Jellyfish Nebula hints that explosion could have ... Read More »

Our Days Are Getting Longer: Study

Melting of glaciers near the Earth’s poles and the resulting rise in sea level is partly slowing down the Earth’s rotation, thereby increasing the length of our days, a new study suggests. Scientists are studying past changes in sea level in order to make accurate future predictions of the consequence of climate change, and they are looking down to Earth’s ... Read More »

Libyans urged to accept cease-fire, embrace UN unity plan

Photo: Mandel Ngan, AP IMAGE 1 OF 4 US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, centre, and UN special envoy for Libya Martin Kobler shake hands after their press conference, following an international … more ROME (AP) — Diplomats trying to help Libya emerge from the chaos that terrorists have exploited said Sunday that rival ... Read More »

Britain ‘moving towards military action against Isil in Libya’

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is now active in eastern Libya Photo: PA By Tim Ross, Senior Political Correspondent, Ben Farmer, and Nick Allen in Washington 10:53PM GMT 11 Dec 2015 Britain could launch military action in Libya next, Government sources have said amid fears that Islamic State militants will use their new stronghold along a stretch of the ... Read More »